TOP 15 design shops & galleries in Prague: ultimate Prague design guide

TOP 15 design shops & galleries in Prague: ultimate Prague Design guide, Central Design District
TOP 15 design shops & galleries in Prague: ultimate Prague Design guide, Central Design District

Just steps away from the tourist souvenir shops and big brand stores, you’ll find Prague is home to a flourishing design scene with Czech-made products to suit every taste and budget. Over recent years, entrepreneurial design graduates have been quietly building vibrant, diverse and affordable alternatives to mainstream shopping, with boutiques, ateliers and workshops in the city centre and surrounding suburbs.

PART 1: Central Design District

The streets that link two architectural gems of Prague - Dancing House, designed by Frank Gehry and Vlado Milunić, and the monumental National Theatre designed by Josef Zítek and Josef Schulz, are great for an afternoon of exploring by foot.

Running along the Nové Město side of the Vltava River, dotted with galleries, churches and cafes, there is plenty on offer for all kinds of shoppers, whether you’re looking for something special to add to your wardrobe, something to brighten up your home or something more original than the ‘made in china’ souvenir from your trip.

Continue further across the river to Malá Strana and back to Staré Město and you’ll pass the famous Old Town Square and Obecní dům. This whole route can be easily walked within a couple of hours, or you can always jump on a tram.

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TOP 15 design shops & galleries in Prague: ultimate Prague Design guide, Central Design DistrictTOP 15 design shops & galleries in Prague: ultimate Prague Design guide, Central Design District


Czech Design Center, an extensive selection of the best Czech products, also worldwide shipping • Myslíkova 5, Nové Město
Nearest tram stop: Jiráskovo náměstí •

Working with local illustrators, graphic designers, ceramicists, fashion and jewellery designers, and industrial designers, it presents a great mix of fresh talent alongside Czech icons such as Jiří Pelcl and Maxim Velčovský (Don’t know them? Check them out!). The shop has one of the widest selections of backpacks and a wonderful jewellery collection, including wedding rings, as well as beautiful toys and books, making it the ideal one-stop-shop for all your holiday gifts (and treats for yourself).

Czechdesign | Foto: Tomáš SlavíkCzechdesign | Foto: Tomáš Slavík

Czechdesign | Foto: Tomáš SlavíkCzechdesign | Foto: Tomáš Slavík

2. Deelive

Exclusive products presented in a gallery-style space • Smetanovo nábřeží 4, Staré Město
Nearest tram stop: Národní divadlo •

A carefully curated selection of Czech designs including glass, lighting, furniture, and a fashion room, where you can find bold and often witty conceptual pieces. Everything is beautifully laid out, making even browsing a pleasure, with a good view of the river too.

Deelive | Source:prague.euDeelive |

Deelive | Source:prague.euDeelive |

3. Smetana Q Showroom

Shared space of young designers • Smetanovo nábřeží 4, Staré Město 
Nearest tram stop: Národní divadlo •

Within the confines of the same classical-style townhouse, alongside the previously mentioned Deelive, resides a showroom that captures attention. Ascend to the first floor, and you will discover a captivating space dedicated to showcasing the works of young designers across various specializations.

Here, you can talk to designers, immerse yourself in the beauty of their creations, admire their talent, and even acquire their exquisite pieces. The showroom primarily focuses on offering a curated selection of fashion accessories, jewellery, and footwear.

SmetanaQ | Source: Facebook SmetanaQSmetanaQ | Source: Facebook SmetanaQ

SmetanaQ | Foto: Šimon GutSmetanaQ | Foto: Šimon Gut

4. Ones Concept Design Store

Shoppable Appartment  • Újezd 600/1, Malá Strana
Nearest tram stop: Újezd •

At Ones Concept, you'll find a curated selection of items from local designers, unique brands, deadstock, along with an array of authentic vintage pieces.

The space is ingeniously designed as a shoppable apartment, offering a unique shopping experience where you can leisurely explore and immerse yourself in the creative atmosphere before taking a piece of it home with you.

Ones Concept | Source: Facebook Ones ConceptOnes Concept | Source: Facebook Ones Concept

5. Artisème 

Pieces of art of Bohemian living • Velkopřevorské náměstí 639/4a, Malá Strana
Nearest tram stop: Malostranské náměstí •

Situated just a stone's throw away from the legendary Lennon Wall and surrounded by a serene garden, this extraordinary place showcases an array of creations by talented local artists and designers.

Artiseme | Source: ArtisemeArtiseme | Source: Artiseme

Artiseme | Source: ArtisemeArtiseme | Source: Artiseme

6. Leeda 

Well-known local fashion brand • Bartolomějská 304/1, Staré Město
Nearest tram stop: Národní divadlo •

Renowned for its impeccable craftsmanship, style and attention to detail, Leeda stands as a beloved local fashion brand. At the helm of this prestigious label is the talented head designer, Lucie Kutálková, who infuses each collection with her unwavering passion for quality materials, meticulous tailoring, and intricate details. Every Leeda piece is produced in the Czech Republic, with a strong emphasis on utilizing premium materials and honoring local handicraft traditions. 

It comes as no surprise that Leeda fashion pieces have garnered popularity among Czech actresses and politicians alike. The Leeda boutique also hosts works of Czech jewellery designers. 

 Leeda store | Source: Leeda store | Source:

7. Antipearle 

Precious metals and pearls in a form of jewellery • Rytířská 7, Staré Město 
Nearest tram stop: Národní třída •

The captivating storefront of this atelier beckons with an irresistible display of jewellery crafted by the talented designer and photographer, Markéta Márová. Combining her passions for aesthetics, fashion, and diving, she creates a unique line of jewellery that seamlessly blends elements of punk and luxury fashion.

Each piece she crafts embodies the exquisite beauty found in natural forms and cycles, offering a remarkable testament to her artistic vision.

Antipearle | Source: Facebook AntipearleAntipearle | Source: Facebook Antipearle

Antipearle | Source: Facebook AntipearleAntipearle | Source: Facebook Antipearle

8. BackYard

Showroom of Fashion and jewellery specialists • U Obecního dvora 2, Staré Město
Nearest tram stop: Dlouhá třída •

Tucked away on quiet cobbled sqaure is this delightful showroom presenting unisex, womens and menswear and exquisite jewellery from some of the most interesting designers currently working in CZ, many of whom work with BackYard to produce exclusive limited editions.

Regular launches, lectures and meetings also take place here.

BackYard | Source: | Source:

BackYard | Source: | Source:

9. Showroom.

Streamlined fashion and accessories • Klimentská 3, Petrská čtvrť
Nearest tram stop: Dlouhá třída •

Near Art Deco gem of Obecní dům and the Communist-era Kotva Shopping Mall, you’ll find the clean and quiet space of Showroom. - a boutique, atelier and meeting point, showcasing the work of 8 Czech designers and one Hungarian brand from different fields including jewellery, leather accessories, fashion and shoes.

It is all brought together in a complimentary whole by the clever interior and a designer is always on-hand to give advice.

Showroom. | Source: Facebook Showroom.Showroom. | Source: Facebook Showroom.

Showroom. | Source: Facebook Showroom.Showroom. | Source: Facebook Showroom.

PART 2: Design District Prague 7 

If you have time to explore further than the centre, which should be possible as Prague is quite compact and transportation is good - the Prague 7 district which includes Holešovice and Letná is definitely worth a visit. Home to two of Prague’s best city parks; Letná with popular beer garden and Stromovka, and two great galleries; the National Gallery for Contemporary Art and DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, as well as several hip cafes and bistros, there are plenty of ateliers, pop up markets and local design boutiques to discover.

Open the guide map in your Google Maps.

TOP 15 design shops & galleries in Prague: ultimate Prague Design guide, Design District Prague 7TOP 15 design shops & galleries in Prague: ultimate Prague Design guide, Design District Prague 7

10. DOX by Qubus (gallery shop)

Unusual and exciting contemporary design store situated in DOX Centre for Contemporary Art • Poupětova 1, Holešovice
Nearest tram stop: Ortenovo náměstí •

The DOX gallery shop forms part of the Qubus brand established by Jakub Berdych Karpelis with Maxim Velčovský. As well as their Design Studio and Gallery, this shop represents the best Czech artists and designers. Within the minimalist confines of the DOX Contemporary Art Centre, an impressive display awaits, bringing together the creations of renowned design icons in Czech glass, porcelain, and jewellery. Adding to the allure, the interior itself is thoughtfully curated and designed by the esteemed Qubus Design studio

You’ll find unique conceptual pieces, but also quirky gifts, with something to suit every budget.

Dox by Qubus | Source: Dox by QubusDox by Qubus | Source: Dox by Qubus

11. Papelote

Beautiful stationery designed and made in CZ • Milady Horákové 11, Letná
Nearest tram stop: Strossmayerovo náměstí •

In 2009, just when it seemed paper was dying out, Papelote opened its store in Prague, presenting ‘the forgotten beauty of stationery and paper’. Since then it has only gone from strength to strength, winning Designblok Store of the Year 2011, Czech Grand Design Store of the Year 2012, and expanding its limited edition and original collections.

Its name is now synonymous with high quality and uniquely Czech designed products.

Papelote, source: papelote.czPapelote, source:

12. Charaktery Design Store

Design shop of award-winning authors • Milady Horákové 13, Letná
Nearest tram stop: Kamenická or Strossmayerovo náměstí •

Charaktery Design Store is a design shop with a unique character in Prague 7 district. It was founded by a group of friends and award-winning designers: Nastassia Aleinikava, Sofya Samareva, Anna Štěpánková, Tereza Rosalie Kladošová, Karla Olšáková and Rudolf Rusňák.

All together create a space that serves not only as their showroom but also as a cosy workroom and a meeting place.

Charaktery Design Store, source: charaktery.czCharaktery Design Store, source:

13. Hugo chodí bos

Toy store not only for kids • Milady Horákové 26, Letná and Vodičkova 35, Nové Město
Nearest tram stop: Kamenická or Strossmayerovo náměstí •

The Czech Republic has a great tradition of toy industry so if you want to learn more about it, Hugo chodí bos (Hudo goes barefoot) is the right place for you. It is a great toy shop for kids and adults alike with a wide choice of vintage cases, timeless wooden toys, jigsaw puzzles and beautifully illustrated picture books. Step into this enchanting shop full of children memories.

All products that you will find here are crafted with care in the Czech Republic using premium materials. Hugo chodí bos has another branch right in the city center in Vodickova street. 

Hugo chodí bos Letná branch | Source: hugochodibos.czHugo chodí bos Letná branch | Source:

14. Ababu

Design for babies • Šmeralova146/6 14, Bubeneč
Nearest tram stop: Letenské náměstí •

Nestled just a short distance away from Letná bustling Milada Horáková street, a heaven awaits for those in search of adorable toys for babies. Ababu, a brand founded by former digital agency creative Jitka Charvátová, offers a delightful collection of toys and fabrics that Jitka designs.

With all motifs intricately printed within the Czech Republic and every product crafted locally, Ababu stands as a testament to the brand's commitment to the highest quality for little ones.

Ababu store | Source: Facebook AbabuAbabu store | Source: Facebook Ababu

15. In August Company

Distinctive home decor • Dr. Zikmunda Wintra 791/17, Bubeneč
Nearest tram stop: Hradčanská or Dejvická •

The creators behind In August Company are passionate design enthusiasts who firmly believe that surrounding ourselves with well-crafted objects that carry a meaningful story has the power to uplift our spirits and shape our identities. With a primary focus on home decor, their store proudly showcases an array of products meticulously handcrafted in small workshops located in the Vysočina region.

Embracing a strong social and sustainable ethos, the brand endeavors to source materials locally, while also collaborating with sheltered workshops to create some of their exceptional offerings.

In August Company | Source: Facebook In August CompanyIn August Company | Source: Facebook In August Company

Design Festivals and Markets

Prague hosts many design festivals throughout the year - depending when you find yourself in the city, you could catch the following: Designblok, LeMarket, Dyzajn market.


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