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Real leather or pleather made from oil? Exhibition LEATHER love/hate

Datum: 3. 5. 2018 - 29. 6. 2018
Cena: zdarma
Pořadatel: CZECHDESIGN, Vojtěšská 3, Praha

Who is more considerate? Which material is preferred by Czech designers? The exhibition points to problematics surrounding materials.

For the next two months The CZECHDESIGN gallery will turn into the place, where materials meet, also different products, approaches, designers and their opinions. Selling exhibition with the name LEATHER love/hate will for example point to the problematic surrounding materials and the never-ending battle between advocates for and against leather.

Designers on the hunt

Project will also introduce young designers and their work, which you can see and buy in the gallery but also in the online shop.

You’ll be able to see, which leather are young Czech designers bringing to the market, until the end of June:

"The exhibition LEARTHER love/hate will introduce a curated selection of fashion accessories which maps out the approach of current generation of Czech designers to leather and its alternatives. Designers and their customers ask themselves more and more often, what environmental impact, will the material they choose have. But the problematic isn’t nearly as simple, the reasoning leather =dead animal, so it’s the wrong choice, doesn’t always have to be true.” says Michaela Holubec Birtusová, one of the curators of the exhibition.

Who is more eco?

Is pleather made of petroleum eco-friendlier then leather from an animal?

Which products are preferred by todays customers, and what is the relationship between the Czech market and leather? Those questions will be asked during the debates as part of the accompanying program, which will soon be added to our calendar.

"Pleather is often made out of petroleum derivates, which is more of a burden for the environment than real leather, which is perceived as a waste in the meat industry. Everyone should decide for themselves, at the end its always about a material which is functional but aesthetically pleasing at the same time. We are interested in the dialog we are opening based on this topic.” Adds the curator.

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22 designers

Small in size, big in representation. The CZECHDESIGN gallery will show over twenty designers in the span of two months. For most of them it will be a premiere in our gallery, which is celebrating and introducing young independent creators since 2003.

List of designers:

Pravá kůže nebo koženka z ropy? Výstava LEATHER love/hate

Pravá kůže nebo koženka z ropy? Výstava LEATHER love/hate

Výstava, 3. 5. 2018 - 29. 6. 2018
CZECHDESIGN, Vojtěšská 3, Praha 1

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