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Since 2003 we have grown into a respected organization with a great deal of experience – running our own gallery in Prague, organizing competitions for designers, helping companies to apply design to manufacturing processes and turning design theory into practice.

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What we do

Czechdesign gallery

The Gallery is an independent space for presenting Czech design and was opened in 2010. Since then it has grown into more than just a gallery space, becoming the centre for CZECHDESIGN activities including workshops, lectures and consultations, meetings between designers and companies and a place where good ideas are continually sought and realized. Our exhibitions generally focus on supporting the rising stars of Czech design.

CONTACT: Veronika Rukriegelova, veronika.rukriegelova@czechdesign.cz, +420 733 755 959

What we do

Grant projects

We work on an international level and have experience with grant projects such as the European Social Fund, Grundtvig Multilateral Projects, Youth in Action and others, for which we organized local and international projects including: Why Design? (2013, a booklet about improving and understanding mutual communication between designers and businesses) and Design for All (2011, 2012, a series of creative workshops for the public and designers).

CONTACT: Kamila Matejkova, kamila.matejkova@czechdesign.cz, +420 721 704 720

What we do

Young Package Competition

The International competition Young Package is focused on packaging design and is meant for young designers up to 30 years of age. The competition was founded in 1996 and now attracts hundreds of participants from all over the world. Previous winners of the prize have since become renowned designers. The theme of the competition changes each year: Take Away, 2014, Ageing, 2013.

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CONTACT: Radka Machalicka, radka.machalicka@czechdesign.cz, +420 739 071 491

What we do

Design for businesses

Design helps companies to distinguish themselves from the competition and bring creativity to the company as a whole. We specialize in consultations with companies which seek to apply design principles to their practice. We organize design competitions and open calls on behalf of companies, businesses and the public sector. The education of businesses and assisting them with all aspects of design is a key service offered by CZECHDESIGN.

CONTACT: Kamila Matejkova, kamila.matejkova@czechdesign.cz, +420 721 704 720

What we do

Equal design project

Equal design respects the needs of people regardless of their age, physical ability or personal circumstances. Equal design should be user-oriented and work without any adjustments or amendments to the original design. Equal design is a significant project for CZECHDESIGN. Our goal is to achieve greater education of designers, architects, companies and the Government in all aspects of Equal design.

CONTACT: Ludmila Bohacova, lida.bohacova@czechdesign.cz, +420 724 530 188

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Work with us

Over 10 years experience

Culture Programmes

Extensive contacts with designers and deep knowledge of the Czech design and cultural environment makes us a beneficial partner.


Local as well as international exhibitions are part of our gallery program, for example: The Wishing Table (2012), Touch of Praha (2008), Design Match (2006, 2008).


Applying design principles to practice is essential for us, so we provide company consultations and organize tenders. Our clients include 3M, Laufen and Red Bull amongst others.


Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design in Prague; Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague; The Moravian Gallery in Brno; IKEA; Prague City Council; Ministry of Culture Czech Republic; Czech Centres

CONTACT: Kate Spacek, kate.spacek@czechdesign.cz, +420 731 026 317


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A banner on czechdesign.cz is the fastest way to gain attention. On our site for a week minimum, various formats are available.


Banners, newsletters, articles, Facebook support, graphic works, communication with schools of design in the Czech Republic.


Long term partnership lasts at least three months and includes all the communication channels mentioned above and more.

Details can be customised according to your requirements.
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CONTACT: Karolina Matejkova, karolina.matejkova@czechdesign.cz, +420 721 015 428


Do not hesitate to contact us!

We are always open to new ideas & interests.


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Radka Machalicka

Editor-in-Chief of CZECHDESIGN.CZ, Manager of Young Package 

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Kamila Matejkova

Project Manager, Culture projects

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Anezka Adamikova

Marketing & PR, Press

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Karolina Matejkova


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Ludmila Bohacova

Manager of Equal Design Project

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Veronika Rukriegelova


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Kate Spacek

International Projects Coordinator

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